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TapTapper App

This small project was a challenge proposed by a Brazilian company for the selection process. 

The challenge was to create the interface of an app that would be used as support for a smart draught beer keg. The smart keg would be completely independent of the app, however, the challenge was to create an interesting enough app that kept the users interacting with it.

The deadline for the project was 5 days, therefore, I did not have much time to conduct extensive user research.



Competitive Analysis

A brief visual and features competitive analysis was conducted in order to better understand where the competitors stood in the market.

Since the product is a new concept, the closest competitor was an indirect one: Nespresso machines and its app.

In addition, I also analyzed apps that support other smart devices.


Personas building

Ideally, the personas are built on real quantitative and qualitative user data.

However, given the deadline of this project, the personas were created based on customer information provided during the interview for the selection process.

I was informed that the main characteristics of the target audience were the following:

- High purchasing power;
- Over 18 years old;
- People skilled in technology and smart devices;
- People that didn't have much time due to a busy professional life.

The following persona was built considering these characteristics:


Exploratory Interview

I recruited potential users based on the target audience and the persona.

Additionally to the characteristic criteria of the target audience, I recruited users that currently own a Nespresso machine and a Drought Beer Keg. 

By doing that, I gathered valuable insights into the potential problems and current frustrations of these users.

The following pain points and insights were obtained:

Users generally don't know how much draft beer is in the barrel;

They don't know if there was a recall;

The toe piece is difficult to change/maintain;

They don't know where authorized assistance shops are located;

The keg is usually only compatible with one type of barrel;

It takes time to refrigerate: When the users get home they still have to wait for it to freeze;

Support manual is boring to read and people don’t usually keep them.



After the research step, the following features were chosen to be included in the app:


Purchase Barrels, Accessories and Parts;

Power on/off remotely;

Access/Adjust temperature remotely;

View % of the barrel;

Request technical assistance;

Barrel Buying Places;

Tips on how to serve, which cup to use, and other relevant information;

Interactive instruction manual;

Barrel Removal Service;

Recall notifications.


First, the app was sketched by free hand in order to put the ideas into paper.

Later, the first version of an interactive prototype was built aiming at creating a testable design to be validated with real users.




Interactive prototype


Usability Testing

The prototype was further tested with 5 users that matched the target audience.


The test brought light into new insights and usability issues in the designed prototype. 


Summary of the insights obtained in the usability tests

Final Design

Finally, the prototype was improved according to the findings of the usability tests.

3 iPhone12.bmp

Click below to navigate the interactive prototype:

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